Batch to Exe">

If you have ever written more than one batch file, then you know that windows uses the same icon for each batch file. Wouldn’t it be nice to have your own icon instead so that it is easier to see what your batch file does at a glance? Thanks to Slimm to Bat Exe you can.

What you need

Download Slimm to Bat Exe from the link above. Once you have that then the easiest way to use the program is to create a folder and place your batch file and icon in that folder. Give them the same name. You can find many free to use icon files on the internet. Just do a google search.

How To

Create your batch file. Here I created a very simple batch. It just opens notepad on your computer. 

Save your icon and the batch file in the same folder and give them the same name.

Start Slimm to Bat Exe and click on Express

Navigate to the folder where the batch and icon reside. Then choose the batch file and click open.

You will see a similar message in the bottom of Slimm to Bat Exe if successful.

Go to your folder and you will now see a new executable file that has the icon as part of it. You can move this to wherever you would like it to be and run it anytime. You may want to keep the batch file and the icon in a separate location, in case you ever want to modify the batch file.