How to download a copy of the music you uploaded to YouTube Music">

If you would like to download a copy of the music you uploaded to YouTube music, then read on. Once upon a time I had an external hard drive crash and lost everything on it, including my music files. Luckily for me I had uploaded all of my music to Google Play Music. I was able to download it all again. Google Play Music is going away and being replaced with YouTube Music.

Fortunately you can do the same with YouTube Music. I was recently prompted to transfer my music to YouTube Music as Google Play Music is being retired. I did so and initially I was sad to not see a download link in YouTube Music. A little snooping around and here is how I found to do it.

Click on this link or open your browser of choice and go to and click on the Deselect all link.

Google Takeout: Where to click to  Deselect all

Scroll down to YouTube and YouTube Music and check the box. Click on All YouTube data included and deselect all. Next you select music-uploads. and Ok. Click on Next step.

Google Takeout: Where to click to select YouTube and YouTube Music

In this step you can choose to export once or every 2 months for 1 year. You can also choose the file type you want and if you want to split into multiple files or not. Finally click on Create export.

Google Takeout: WHere to choose zip type and multiple file downloads

You will arrive at this screen that confirms the creation of the export. It says it could take hours or days. I had 12 gb of music files and it took less than 20 minutes to get my download link in an email.

Google Takeout: Export progress

And now you know how to download a copy of the music you uploaded to YouTube music. Let me know if this was helpful and check out more articles here.