The Salton Sea Movie Review

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The Salton Sea Movie Review

Drug Induced Madness

The Salton Sea holds a special place in my heart. I watched this movie based on a recommendation from a friend. Very rarely do I start a movie with no trailers watched, no preconceived notions of what the movie is about. Luckily, I went into The Salton Sea blind. In fact, this movie experience alone has made me strive to watch more movies with no pretext. I was able to experience Get Out the same way. The Salton Sea is a heart warming, tragic tale of deception, friendship, and loss.

The Review

The movie opens with a simple question, “Who am I?” The protagonist is asking this question in an opening inner dialogue. It’s easy to forget this question as the movie progresses and chaos ensues. Towards the end of the movie you understand this question, and have a lot more perspective on the depth of the man that is Danny Parker? Maybe?


The Salton Sea seems to feel like another 90s drug filled, comedic action flick. Tarantino vibes throughout. I won’t get into spoilers since the best way to go into this movie is to go in blind, but things are always not what they seem with this film. The movie is littered with top talent. This is by far my favorite role Val Kilmer portrays. Vincent D’Onofrio is perfect as pooh bear (yes you read that correctly), and several well-known faces litter the movie. The range of emotions this movie puts the viewer through is amazing. The writing is top notch in my opinion.


The Salton Sea is a fantastic movie. Everyone needs to watch it once. I can’t think of another movie I love so much that most everyone I recommend it to says, “I have never seen it” and refuse to give it a chance. The few who actually gave it a shot were blown away. At the time of this review, the movie has been out 20 years, but it still holds up. Val Kilmer wanted to take time to do movie projects that interested him and challenged him, and this movie had to be one of those choices. This isn’t your typical Val Kilmer Movie.  The Salton Sea is a near perfect movie in my book with unforgettable quotes. This review has been intentionally devoid of many key details because they need to be discovered and not anticipated.

Unforgettable quotes

Bobby – I hate to impose but I am the ocean!

Pooh Bear – Oh, Oh Jesus, Look it there here comes the president now…look at the first lady. Look at her she’s lookin radiant as ever…ready….steady….FIIRE!

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