The Void Movie Review

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The Void Movie Review

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A lot of movie reviews I write for this site are a way for me to highlight a movie I feel needs more attention or is under appreciated. The Void is a movie that while doesn’t have the best plot or ending, has amazing practical effects. Let’s dive into why this movie is worth seeing.

The Review

The Void was a crowdfunded project on Indiegogo. Selling the promise of practical effects and horror from the Producers of The Witch. The movie was a low budget film. One trend in low budget films is they tend to make use of one physical location. This saves a ton of money, but in my opinion, this can make for great creative choices. The Void is set in a hospital almost entirely and they do a fantastic job of making the hospital its own character.


The acting in The Void is good, the story and ending however aren’t extremely well defined. I am not a huge fan of open endings and while this movie does conclude with many questions left unanswered, it wasn’t bad enough to not rewatch or recommend to friends.


The strength of this movie though is the tension, horror, and of course practical effects used throughout. This is some of the best practical effects used in a movie in a long time. I am a huge fan of the effects used in John Carpenter’s The Thing and this is clearly a love letter to that movie and its effects. The movie keeps the viewer unnerved and uneasy throughout, with this downward spiral into a hellish landscape only getting worse as the movie goes on.


Practical effects are usually just not as cost effective for most movies nowadays. I am glad to see the art living on in The Void. I implore you to check it out if you haven’t and if you have watched it to raise your glass to toast the fine work done in this movie.

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