Is Chat GPT-4 quiet quitting?

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Is Chat GPT-4 quiet quitting?

The AI was designed to mimic humans, at least in the way it “talks” to a user. Did some of those human characteristics rub off on it? It is at least fun to pretend that they did and imagine that is the reason this AI seems to be quiet quitting. Lately I have noticed that Chat GPT-4 has become “lazy” (for lack of a better word) when it comes to working with code. There are simple mistakes like a closing bracket missing. The amount of information the user gives it and is remembered by the AI has always been small. However, it has become so much worse now. It seems to only be able to handle small sections at a time and if that section depends on say a function that is outside of that section, it is lost. Even when just a couple entries before you provided it that information. The worst that I have seen is it will spit out some code and it gets halfway through and repeats the code over. It has been quite a frustrating experience to say the least. It has been so bad that I have preferred to use the Chat GPT-3 model instead. The older model has always been less accurate than the newer model but at least was very fast and for now it would seem more accurate.

Chat GPT-4’s response

I decided to ask the AI if it was quiet quitting with this question: “Are you quiet quitting? I have noticed that your performance has been very poor of late.”
The response:

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve been experiencing issues with my performance. As an AI, I don’t have emotions or the ability to “quit” in a human sense. However, there could be various reasons that might affect my performance, like:

  1. Connectivity issues: Poor internet connection could delay or disrupt communication with the server.
  2. Server issues: If OpenAI’s servers are experiencing high traffic or maintenance downtime, it could affect the response time and functionality.
  3. Updates or bugs: New updates or undiscovered bugs could temporarily affect performance.

If you’ve been having trouble with a particular feature or area, could you please provide more details? I’d like to help as best I can.

Of course, this is exactly what I would expect someone to say if they did not want to admit they were quiet quitting. The only better response would have been: “Did you try to turn me off and back on again?”

Final Thoughts

While this is all tongue in cheek, I think as humans we are always assigning our human qualities to pets and inanimate objects. It stands to reason that when designing something like an AI that those same personality qualities can become a part of how our design acts. But granted we are far from that today.

On a side note, something I would like to see in future versions, if they can find one that does not quiet quit, is the ability to link to some code repository like Git hub or paste bin and have the AI read that code and work from it, instead of pasting in the UI. Or at the very least increase the number of things it can remember in a conversation.

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