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Open and Control Spotify with keyboard

Open and Control Spotify with keyboard">

If you have a keyboard that has multimedia keys on it, you have probably noticed that it opens the default music app on your computer which is usually Groove. I wanted it to control Spotify with my keyboard instead but when I went to the default apps, Spotify was not an option and it only allowed you to pick one of a few apps or a Microsoft app.

Keep in mind

This will not let you play mp3’s on your computer with the Spotify app. It cannot do that….yet… that I know of. It will only allow you to open Spotify with the multimedia buttons on your keyboard and control the pause/play next/last, if you have those keys.

Another thing to know is that you cannot click on an mp3 now to play it. You will have to right click it and open with > choose Groove or VLC or whatever you use. Or simply open the player and choose the folder of your mp3’s you want to play.

Solution to control Spotify with your Keyboard

If you have the Microsoft Spotify app, uninstall it. Go to Spotify’s website and download their app and install it. You can get it here:

Find an .mp3 file on your computer, right click it and choose open with > Choose another app.

Showing how to right click and choose another app to open a file.

Scroll down and choose more apps

How to choose More Apps

Scroll down again and look for Choose another app on this PC

How to choose Look for another app on this PC

In the window that pops up you will need to navigate to where the spotify.exe is located on your computer. For me it was in the path below (where <username> is your username) This should be the default install location.


You can also go to the Spotify icon on your desktop, right click and go to properties. Under the shortcut tab you will see a box called Target. You can copy this and place it in the top of the box that opened earlier.

Once this step is completed your icon next to your mp3 should change to the Spotify icon. Now you will need to go to the default apps and change it to Spotify. You can do this by typing in the search bar, Default apps. Click on the Music player and choose Spotify.

How to choose an app as the default app

Final thoughts

I had an issue with the Play/Pause, next/last keys on my keyboard after I did this. My issue was that I had to remove Google Play Music under my extensions in Chrome. You might have an extension in your browser that could cause this as well as something under the Chrome keyboard shortcuts.

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How to download a copy of the music you uploaded to YouTube Music

How to download a copy of the music you uploaded to YouTube Music">

If you would like to download a copy of the music you uploaded to YouTube music, then read on. Once upon a time I had an external hard drive crash and lost everything on it, including my music files. Luckily for me I had uploaded all of my music to Google Play Music. I was able to download it all again. Google Play Music is going away and being replaced with YouTube Music.

Fortunately you can do the same with YouTube Music. I was recently prompted to transfer my music to YouTube Music as Google Play Music is being retired. I did so and initially I was sad to not see a download link in YouTube Music. A little snooping around and here is how I found to do it.

Click on this link or open your browser of choice and go to and click on the Deselect all link.

Google Takeout: Where to click to  Deselect all

Scroll down to YouTube and YouTube Music and check the box. Click on All YouTube data included and deselect all. Next you select music-uploads. and Ok. Click on Next step.

Google Takeout: Where to click to select YouTube and YouTube Music

In this step you can choose to export once or every 2 months for 1 year. You can also choose the file type you want and if you want to split into multiple files or not. Finally click on Create export.

Google Takeout: WHere to choose zip type and multiple file downloads

You will arrive at this screen that confirms the creation of the export. It says it could take hours or days. I had 12 gb of music files and it took less than 20 minutes to get my download link in an email.

Google Takeout: Export progress

And now you know how to download a copy of the music you uploaded to YouTube music. Let me know if this was helpful and check out more articles here.

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