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I read an article about a trend to make some aspect of an AI image MORE. Like more spice. So, I used Chat GPT to start off with a cup of hot coffee and kept asking it to make it hotter. Here were the first images for a cup of hot coffee:

Next, I asked it to make it hotter.

And then even more hot.

Stepped it up to nuclear hot.

At this point I asked it to make it even more hot to which it replied:

“Creating an image that further intensifies the concept of heat beyond what has been already provided, which is at a nuclear level, would verge into a realm of pure fantasy and abstraction. The current representation with a mushroom cloud emanating from a coffee cup already pushes the boundaries of temperature depiction to an extreme. If you’re seeking imagery that goes beyond this level of intensity, perhaps we could explore a concept where the cup is central to a star going supernova or being at the heart of a galaxy – not in the literal sense, but capturing that hyperbolic intensity. Would you like me to create that for you?”

Prompting my reply of ….“Absolutely!”

This really did not seem hotter to me. I know scientifically this would be much hotter but there is not much reference for me to compare this to, so I changed it up and asked it to “Make it hotter than hell.”

I again asked it to try and go hotter and here is the conversation that followed:

Creating an image even hotter than the “hotter than hell” depiction, which already includes extreme elements like lava, flames, and an infernal landscape, would require venturing into realms of imagination beyond traditional representations of heat. We could explore a concept that transcends physical realms, such as a cup of coffee in the heart of a supernova or at the core of a star, where the heat is so intense that it defies conventional understanding. This would be a metaphorical rather than literal interpretation of heat. Would you like me to create such an image for you?

Me: No, lets add some nuclear mushroom cloud to the existing hotter than hell images with some skin melting radiation

GPT Creating an image that combines the themes of extreme heat from both a “hotter than hell” concept and a nuclear explosion, complete with a mushroom cloud and radiation, would result in a highly dramatic and intense visual representation. This concept would symbolize an unimaginable level of heat, merging infernal imagery with the destructive power of a nuclear event.

I’ll create this imagery for you. Please note, this is an artistic and fantastical representation and not reflective of any real-world scenario.

Final Thoughts

This was a fun experiment to see how well it could make it MORE….in my case hotter. I think I may have escalated it too son by mentioning nuclear, as there was not much room to go from there, at least as we can reference. Share your experience with making the images more.

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