Eve Online original ship skins

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I started playing Eve Online in the beginning of 2004. The ship skins have changed quite a bit since then. The overall graphics quality in the game has improved substantially. Some of the ships overall look has changed quite drastically as well; none more so than the Caldari’s asymmetric shapes.  They were so ugly they were pretty. Every so often, I have searched for images of the ships from back then. I finally came across them and wanted to make a gallery here so I would always have them and so they can be shared with anyone else that has an interest.

IMPORTANT NOTICE: If anyone reading this, that happens to have a screenshot of the stop sign, that was used to stop the ship, circa 2004, please send me a link. I have tried to no avail to find that. It would make a great addition to this collection.

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All images are the property of CCP and hosted here for the sole purpose of nostalgia.

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