A workaround for the Pixel 5A camera overheating

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Changing this one setting MIGHT be a workaround for the Pixel 5A camera overheating.  This phone has been a really good phone when I do not need to take pictures or videos for almost any amount of time at all. Prior to making this change I could never capture a full minute of video using this phone. Unbelievably frustrating when you are about to capture something important, and your phone comes up with a warning that your camera may shut down shortly due to being too warm. Followed with your camera has shutdown.  I appreciate that the phone protects itself, but it is very frustrating that it is happening in the first place and no fix in sight. I also want to add that this is not a fix for this issue but simply a workaround that seems to keep the phone from overheating and allows you to use the camera normally.

The workaround

Again, I want to stress that this may not work for everyone. It worked for my Pixel 5A and I am on Android 13. On to the workaround.  Go to your cameras video and click on the drop down at the top of the screen. Make sure that you have Full HD (1080p) selected and not 4K. That is all. After making this change, I was able to video for as long as I wanted and had no issues with my camera overheating. In my testing I captured over 10 minutes of video and the phone only felt warm; at which point I just turned the video off.

Final thoughts

This is not a fix for this issue, but simply a workaround. I am very happy that I can use my camera again, but very disappointed in Google for not providing a fix yet. I have been a loyal Pixel customer since having my first one. However, I am seriously talking to friends about their experiences with other brands because of this.  Feel free to suggest some alternatives.

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