Add IPTV to your Plex Media Server

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What are we doing here?

This is a set up guide to use xTeve with your Plex Media Server for channels and a TV Guide. This is only going to cover the set up in Plex Media Server and xTeve and will assume you already have the Plex Media Server and xTeve running. If you have not set up Plex yet, then this is a good place to start  If you need to set up xTeve, I highly recommend setting it up with docker and more specifically docker-compose. I may add this guide later and if I do, I will link it here. Otherwise google is your friend here. Just search install xTeve and choose your operating system of choice. This can go on a NAS, a Raspberry Pi or any other Pi like device, a server, etc., etc. So read on to learn how to add IPTV to your Plex Media Server.

xTeve set up

To open xTeve you will normally go to your browser and type the internal ip address of the device it is installed on, on your local network and use the default port of 34400/web. An example might be This will open up xTeve. You will need 2 url’s to get this set up. One will be the url for your m3u, which is your channels, that you either created or were provided to you by your IPTV service. The other will be the url for you xml TV Guide you set up usually with a 3rd party source like, which is free or a paid service like costs a very small amount per year, but it is what I personally use as I found it to work better with fewer missing guides for channels than the others.

The first thing we will add is your channels from your IPTV provider. This is your m3u link. Click on playlist then the New button.

Leave the type as M3U and click on Next

Enter what you wish to call your playlist, enter the m3u url provided by your IPTV service and click on save

Now we will add the Guide to xTeve. Click on XMLTV then the New button

Enter the name you wish to give it, then add the url for the guide you created and click on the Save button

Finally click on the mappings and you will see your channels. If you see any issues with it like logos or the guide that the channel is mapped to, you can click on each channel and modify it there. Just remember to save it. This should be all you need for the xTeve portion.

Adding xTeve to Plex Media Server

In your browser of choice go to and sign in to your Plex account. Click on the settings icon in the top right

In the manage menu on the left, click on the Live TV & DVR

Click on the big yellow Set up plex DVR button

Click on the line that says “Don’t see your HDHomeRun Device? Enter its network address manually”

Enter the internal ip and port for xTeve. I will show what I gave as an example above. Please change it to your ip and click on connect.

You should see a tuner pop up and at the bottom you will click “Have an XMLTV guide…” link

Go to your xTeve in your browser and look for XEPG URL. This is the link to get to your guide. Copy the link

Go back to Plex and enter this in the XMLTV GUIDE

Your guide will load. Once finished you will see your Live tv under the ….wait for it….Live TV section.

Final thoughts

Hopefully this will help someone to add IPTV to your Plex Media Server using xTeve. Keep in mind that this requires a Plex Pass and the lifetime is by far the best option. The neat thing about adding this to Plex is that you can now DVR as well with that plex pass. My daily driver is still Tivimate, but this option grows on me.

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